Worship on main religious dates at Saint Paul´s Cathedral

Saint Paul´s Cathedral offers worship services on the following main religious dates: Easter Sunday, Pentecost, Trinity, Advent, and Christmas, and on special occasions that will be announced previously.  There is also the opportunity of prayer after each weekly recital, “Música en las Alturas” (Music on High) given every Sunday at 12.30 hrs, at Saint Paul´s Cathedral. Address: Calle Pilcomayo 566, Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso – See location map – email: saintpaulchurchvalpo@gmail.com.

See the 2018 – Worship Programme

Worship, all year round, in English.

You are welcome to attend weekly worship at our sister church, Saint Peter´s Anglican Church,  located in close by Viña del Mar, on those Sundays that are not the main religious dates (see above). These are celebrated every Sunday at 10.30 pm.  Address: Calle Lastarria 1071, Viña del Mar –  See location map – Telephone +56 32 2570009 – See St. Peter´s Church facebook

Worship, all year round, in Spanish.

The  Iglesia Anglicana San Pedro (San Pedro Anglican Church) located in Viña del Mar, has a weekly worship service, each Sunday at 1.00 hrs, for those interested in hearing it in the Spanish language. Address: Calle Alvarez Nº 356, Viña del Mar,  See location map – Telephone +56 32 2483657 –  email: contacto@iglesiasanpedro.cl – See Iglesia de San Pedro website