Welcome to Saint Paul´s Cathedral, which this year 2024, will be 166 years old. Built in the year 1858 in Cerro Concepción, the first of its type in Chile, it was born from the efforts of the Anglican Community installed in Valparaíso of the XIX century. A World Heritage Site, together with the hill it is built upon, it was declared a National Monument in 1979 and Cathedral in 2016.

Meet our community, our Cathedral (its history, architecture, stained glass windows, and restoration work), the worship programme, the different activities and their timetables, among them, live organ recitals, guided historic visits, etc. We invite you to contact us at the following email saintpaulchurchvalpo@gmail.com.

You will be very welcome if you wish to visit us in Cerro Concepción of Valparaíso and share with us the activities mentioned or form part of this Anglican community.