Window Nº8

David With The Head Of Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

This is the foremost stained glass window in the nave of the Cathedral building, on the northeast side just behind the pulpit.

This piece tells us a story from the Old Testament. The Israelites were fighting against the Philistines. The champion of the Philistine army was a huge man named Goliath, who challenged the Israelites to send a man to fight against him.

Nobody dared take up the challenge until a young boy named David offered to fight Goliath. He trusted that God would protect him. He carried a sling with five small stones. Goliath laughed at David, but David replied that the Lord God would help him to be victorious. He took a stone, put it in the sling, and threw it, hitting Goliath on the forehead and fracturing his skull.

The enemy had died! Then David took Goliath´s sword and cut his head off. The sword can be seen covered in blood in the scene portrayed in the window. You can also see soldiers in the background.

No visible signature: possibly attributed to Lavers & Westlake.


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