Window Nº7

 Jesus The Good Shepherd (John 10:11-15)

This stained glass window is situated in between the rood screen and the organ tubes on the southeast side of the Cathedral.

In this piece, we can see Jesus holding a lamb tenderly in his arms. He said “I am the good shepherd”, telling us that the good shepherd gives his life for his lamb.

This is what he did when he died on the cross, giving his life for all his lambs.  This is a wonderful image of the love that God has for us.

In the times of Jesus, the shepherd led the lambs; he called them and they followed. This reminds us that we must listen to the voice of Jesus and follow him.

Bronze plaque below the window: “This window and bronze plaque were presented by members of St. Paul´s Church and other friends in memory of Revd. W.H.Lloyd M. A. Chaplain from 19th May 1870, to 31st March 1883”.

Inscription: “I am the Good Shepherd”

No visible signature: possibly attributed to Lavers & Westlake.


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