Window Nº3

The Life Of Saint Paul (part 3)

The story of Paul´s life continues again in the right-hand panel.

In the first scene we can see Paul in a boat, a prisoner on his way to Rome. There was a fierce storm and the soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners but Paul persuaded them to put their faith in God (Acts 27:27-44).

Arriving in Malta after the shipwreck, in the picture below, Paul was collecting firewood when a viper bit him on the hand (Acts 28:1-6). The people expected Paul´s hand to swell up or for him to die, but he was not harmed and after that was able to preach the gospel in Malta before traveling on to Rome.

The final scene shows the death of Paul in Rome, by decapitation.

Signed by Lavers & Westlake, 1883.


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