RestorationSaint Paul´s Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and National Historic Monument as well as an icon in the city of Valparaíso. As of 1990, the Restoration Committee has been involved with the maintenance and restoration work of this symbolic building, which is a fundamental contribution within the Anglo-Chilean Community, to the history and identity of Valparaíso, and, essentially to the Chilean nation due to the great number of immigrants that arrived to the shores of this port in search of new horizons.

The original stained glass windows behind the altar in the Cathedral, narrating scenes of Saint Paul´s life, was reinstalled after a lengthy cleaning and conservation process. This work was undertaken successfully by Espacio Transparente during the years 2015 y 2016. Watch a video showing part of the restoration process.  Article on the inauguration of the restoration of the stained glass windows published by the Ministerio de la Cultura y Artes in 2017.

Much has been done by means of the restoration work in the church over the years. There is much more to be done, but while we open this need of the church to the public, we do hope to make of Saint Pauls Cathedral, once more,  a “Beacon on the Hill”.