St. Paul´s offers many activities during the year in the Cathedral or in the Church Hall. See our Programme of Activities.

Música en las Alturas

Músic en las Alturas
Musica en las Alturas (Music on High)

Música en las Alturas” (Music on High) are organ recitals open to all interested, played on the magnificent “Queen Victoria Memorial Organ”, sometimes together with an invited orchestra, followed by prayer and a hymn. Our Cathedral has had many illustrious visitors interested in interpreting sacred music on the organ, among which we can mention Dr. Dominique Proust (astrophysicist and French organist), W. Benjamin Hutto (1947-2015, Music Director and Organist for the  St John´s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square, USA) and  Dr. Martin Gaskell (astrophysicist and NorthAmerican organist). Principal organists: Mr Christian Sundt, Mr. Italo Olivares, and  Mr. José Saavedra. Timetable: Every Sunday as of 12.30 pm. Note: during the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 organ recitals were sponsored by the  Chilean British Institute for Culture.

Weddings. Baptisms and Funerals

Saint Pauls´Cathedral can be used for these special occasions. Coordination : email,

Guided historic visits

Nave de la Catedral de Saint Paul
Nave of Saint Paul´s Cathedral

This activity contemplates a session with bilingual guides (Spanish-English) for those interested in learning about the history of this Cathedral, appreciate its unique architecture, the colorful vitreaux, the “Queen Victoria Memorial Organ” and other details, as well as interesting anecdotes of the cathedral´s history. Whom: directed to anyone interested, including students, elderly people, institutions, and tourists in general.  Contact: email,

Cultural Talks

You may reserve the use of the Church Hall for cultural lectures. Whom: educational institutions interested in this event option.  Coordination: email,


Funeral Wreaths

St Paul’s Committee offers the possibility of ordering a funeral wreath in memory of family or friends who have passed away. It is a wonderful way to support our Cathedral.  Contact Mrs Christine Evans at