Consecration of new bishops, Sunday July 15, 2018

St Paul´s celebrates its 160th anniversary this coming Sunday with a historic service starting at 11 am.

This year the Diocese of Chile will become the Province of Chile when the Archbishop of Canterbury comes to inaugurate the new Province.

In preparation for this three new Bishops and three new dioceses will be created. One in the South, and one stretching from Valparaíso to Arica and then thirdly the metropolitan diocese of Santiago.

The present Presiding bishop of the Province of the Southern Cone The Revmo. Gregory Venables will be with us for the Service of celebration and thanksgiving for 160 years of the Anglican Church presence in Chile.

The new Bishops will be Rev Sammy Morrison for the central and Northern Diocese,

The Rev Enrique Lago for the Southern Diocese,

The Revmo Abelino Apeleo for the Southern diocese.

Our Present Bishop Revmo. Tito Zavala will become the Presiding Bishop for the Province of Chile.


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